SANS warns end-users against Heartbleed panic

Although Heartbleed is a very real threat to many servers, it can also be a threat for many personal devices.  Android devices often use the vulnerable OpenSSL 1.0.1 protocol.  Before you go out and patch your device, SANS is warning users to exercise caution.  It would appear that there are a number of hoax patches that could be more dangerous than Heartbleed!


2 thoughts on “SANS warns end-users against Heartbleed panic

  1. I have been surprised that Heartbleed has not received more attention in the popular press. Those of us in the IT industry are aware of how serious Heartbleed is, but I am not sure the average person has a clue. Heartbleed and the other issues surrounding it, like the hoax patches you mention, arguably are the most important security issue so far in the Internet era, but after the first day or two it seems largely to have been ignored by the mainstream media.

  2. People may also want to watch for scams (vs the more legit services) that test if your email address has been identified as associated with a leak due to heartbleed.

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